Head lice ?

For all your efforts relating to personal cleanliness you and your children can suddenly fall victim to head lice. This is possible in the kindergarten, at school, on parties. Just there where people meet.

No reason to panic!
To remove these annoying bloodsuckers, which cause a nerving itching on the scalp or neck by their bites, is no more a problem today.

The solution is the eco-friendly lice and nit comb NISSKA. Internationally successful since more then 90 years. The effectiveness of this lice comb in combing out lice and nits was already rewarded 1926 with a gold medal at the Health Exhibition in Düsseldorf.

You can get the NISSKA in all pharmacies
(PZN-9710513 and PZN-2204215) in Germany and international from authorised retailers. For information about retailers in your country please contact us via e-mail: info@nisska.com

The NISSKA comb includes an instruction of use in 16 languages and within Europe a pouch with sodium bicarbonate powder, which has to be dissolved in water and then applied on the head in order to make the combing out of the nits more easy.

The NISSKA comb is made of stainless metal and can be disinfected in boiling water. The use can be repeated.

NISSKA lice and nit comb

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